Paragliding Tandem Flights at Plaine Joux and Chamonix.

Tandem Flights:

Flight 1 - 70 Euros: A 'Discovery Flight' with a flight time of 15-25 minutes. This flight is made from our local site of Plaine Joux just outside the Chamonix valley and opposite St Gervais. The launch site at 1360m asl is 750m above the valley floor and the incredible views of the Mont Blanc massif overwhelm this valley. It's a drive-up to site and we meet either at the 'Plaine Joux' launch site or at the landing site down in the village of 'Chedde'. Either way we'll take you to launch in our vehicle either before or after the flight. We'll give you directions!

Flight 2 - 110 Euros: From the same site of Plaine Joux, is a 'Mini Cross Country Flight' of around 45 minutes where we fly around some of this large valley and finish at the 'Chedde' Landing field. This flight is only available on sunny afternoons, after 14.00 when climbs in thermals above the valley floor are possible.

Flight 3 - 100 Euros: From Chamonix PlanPraz (1050m above Chamonix town) a 'Discovery Flight' of 20 -30 minutes. The views above Chamonix town are amazing! The Chamonix flights are only available from mid June to mid September when the cable cars are running. (Sorry, the cable car cost is not included).

Flight 4 - 220 Euros: Also from Chamonix PlanPraz an 'Adventurous Cross Country Flight' can be made over some spectacular terrain: an experience only a few ever encounter. This safe and exciting flight has a flight distance of approximately 20 km and a flight time of around 60-90 minutes. The flight starts at PlanPraz, followed by a climb in the rising thermals above Chamonix and the Brevent lift station up to around 2000m above the valley floor. Then we glide west to Plaine Joux over some impressive mountainous terrain, and onwards to Aiguille d'Varan. A circuit in the valley d'Arve is made via Lac Passy, close to the town of Sallanches, before landing at Chedde, the landing site for Plaine Joux. This spectacular flight with a launch time of around 11.00 is available only in the summer months between mid June and mid September. (Sorry the cable car cost is not included).Bi-plus

Flight 5 - 125 Euros: For more spectacular views of the Chamonix valley and surrounding mountains a 'Discovery Flight' from the 'Plan d'Aiguille' can be made. The launch site is 1340m above the valley floor and a 'Discovery Flight' of 25-30 minutes can be taken. Flights from this site are available nearly all the year apart from in July and August when the area is closed for air sports. (Sorry the cable car cost is not included).

Please note that flight times shown are an approximation and dependant on the metrological and thermal conditions of the day and the time the flight is taken. The length of the flight cannot be guaranteed. However, flights in nice thermic conditions are often longer than shown. Please call and talk with Dennis about ideal flight times as the conditions throughout each day varies!

Passenger requirements. The passenger needs to be reasonably fit and able to actively run a few paces. Passengers should bring some windproof clothing, ankle protected walking boots or good trainers and gloves. Don't forget a camera!