Paragliding Tandem Flights at Plaine Joux and Chamonix.

Tandem Flight Faqs:

The flight turnaround time from meeting, getting to the launch area, flying, landing and packing up is from one to two hours. Flying can start from 09.00 and in the spring and summer months. At Plaine Joux long thermic flights in the afternoon and evening of an hour or more are possible. Please ask in advance for the timing.

What to wear in summer: Long trousers, long sleeved top, windproof top, walking boots or trainers as long as they have a good grip.

What to wear in winter: Ski gear or similar is perfect but with good snow proof walking boots with a good grip!

Summer or winter bring your camera with a wrist retaining strap: the views wherever we fly are stunning. Don't forget your suntan cream and sunglasses.

Age and weight limits: There are few limitations and from 4 to 100 years old as long as they can manage to actively run 5 - 10 metres. Passenger weight range is from 20kg to 90kg.

Meeting points: At Plaine Joux we can meet at the launch site or the landing site at Chedde down in the lower valley. We will explain how to get there beforehand. In Chamonix ideally we meet at the cash desk at the bottom of the Brevent or Midi lift station.

If the weather is poor: If the weather is not suitable for flying we'll contact you by phone or send you text message and if possible rearrangement your flight to another date. If you have paid in advance and it's not flyable or another date cannot be found then we'll refund your fight cost immediately. Unfortunately we cannot refund lift ticket costs

How do I book and pay: If you are only on holiday for a week then book your flight early on to avoid disappointment. For availability call us in the office on +33 (0)450545963 or by mobile + 33(0) 610634558 or email us.

With advance notice it may be possible for two or more friends to fly at the same time time as we can arrange other tandem instructor/pilots to help!

Reserve booking and payment can be made with either Visa or MasterCard: the card number will be held against the booking. If cash payment is preferred please have this at the time of the flight, as our schedules are often tight and we may not have time to accompany you to a bank.

Any refunds are made immediately if the weather is poor and another date cannot be made. Unfortunately refunds are not made if the client doesn't show at or close to the allotted time and place unless advance notice of at least one day is given.